Queensland Peer Mentor Matchmaking Wrap-Up


On May 5th, ALIA SNGG Queensland Regional Co-ordinators, Annette, Maddy and Kylie, channeled their inner Osher Günsberg, and set about matching a group of enthusiastic students and new graduates with their perfect peer-mentor matches!


Every GLAMR professional knows knowledge is power, so first half of the morning focused on showcasing the benefits of peer mentoring and exploring how to develop and maintain peer-mentor relationships.  Everyone was given a workbook with several activities designed to help them identify technical skills, transferable skills and self-management skills that they were confident in and ones that they felt could be further developed.  This helped everyone identify areas of practice that they could mentor others in and areas where they could seek support and guidance from mentors to grow and develop.

Attendees were also given time to develop their ‘pick up lines’.  Similar to the more traditional elevator pitch, the ‘pick up lines’ developed in the workshop gave everyone the tools they needed to introduce themselves and break the ice when meeting potential peer mentors.

The first half of the day was interactive and attendees readily shared their thoughts and experiences with group, which lead to some interesting discussion about tips and tricks for breaking the ice, building relationships and networking.  All this spirited discussion set the attendees up nicely for the second half of the morning: Peer-mentor speed dating!


Prior to the event, the ALIA SNGG Queensland Regional Co-ordinators collected details from each attendee to get an idea of what they were looking for in their dream peer-mentor match.  Using ‘highly scientific methods’ (meme compatibility matching was involved!), attendees were matched together for three rounds of peer mentor speed dating.  Matched attendees found a quiet spot where they could really get to know each other and discuss their studies, careers, skills, experiences in libraries and more.

Following each round of speed dating, attendees wrote short reflections in their workbook about the person they had just met with and at the end of the session everyone nominated which of their perfect matches they would like to meet again.  If both parties wanted to meet again, The ALIA SNGG ‘match makers’ sent an email so the initial spark could grow into a long, fulfilling peer-mentoring relationship.


The Peer-Mentor Matchmaking day was a lot of fun – but it was also very practical.  Several attendees said that the workshop helped them improve their networking skills in a relaxed and accepting environment and that the skills they learned and practiced at the workshop would help them in similar situations moving forward.


Annette, Maddy & Kylie

ALIA SNGG Queensland Regional Co-ordinators.








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