Wrap up – Library Lovers’ Day 2017

February 14th was Library Lovers’ Day.  Library Lovers’ Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate libraries great and small, librarians of all specialties and all the wonderful things we love about libraries.


In celebration of the occasion, the ALIA SNGG blog team thought we’d share what we got up to on Library Lovers’ Day this year:


Library Lovers Day for me was celebrated at the ALIA Information Online Conference 2017 at the Hilton Hotel. I spent the first part of the day providing assistance to the registration desk and looking at the informative exhibitions by Emerald Publishing, Bolinda Digital – Borrowbox, ProQuest and Gale to name a few.  But the highlight of my day was listening to speakers such as James Neal, Caddie Brain, Vicki McDonald and Angela Vilkins.  All in all, it was a very energetic and insightful day.



Library Lovers’ Day 2017 was my first ‘on the other side of the help desk’.  I arrived at work to find my co-workers had made a lovely display complete with a bounty of chocolates for our visitors.  I spent the start of the day assisting one of my co-workers deliver an academic skills class and later I helped students work their way through an EndNote Essentials Workshop.  I finished up my day on the law library help desk.  Everyone who approached the desk enjoyed the chocolates and the occasion – one student I spoke to even told me a story about a rockstar librarian they remembered from their primary school days.  I enjoyed my first Library Lovers’ Day working in the library and I hope I’ll have many, many more!


What a happy coincidence that I ended up spending my Tuesday evening at the library! It had slipped my mind that the day was Library Lovers Day. I didn’t do anything too exciting, but I loaned out some pretty great books and am greedily devouring them. Now that I think about it though, it’s a bit disappointing that the library wasn’t getting in on the love fest.

How did you mark Library Lovers’ Day 2017?  Leave us a comment and let us know!


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