Interview Skills Workshop, Melbourne – September 2013

Earlier this month students and jobseekers looking to begin or further their careers gathered in Melbourne to hear Hugh Rundle, Tanya Bramley and Genevieve Ward share their valuable first-hand knowledge of the interviewing process, and what makes for successful job candidates in the highly competitive information management sector.

From Boroondara Library Service in Melbourne, Information Management and Kew Librarian Hugh Rundle outlined key points to remember when preparing for job interviews. While framed in a public libraries context, many of Hugh’s keen observations and recommendations are just as relevant in other workplace settings.

Manager of the Swanston Library at RMIT University, Tanya Bramley detailed some of the qualities interview panels look for in prospective employees, particularly those seeking employment in the fast-paced academic library sector. She also highlighted the importance of research in interview preparation.

Genevieve Ward, career coach and director of The Good Life Careers consultancy, explained the various types of employment screening that jobseekers can expect to face, and how they can perform at their best in every situation. Genevieve drew on her years of experience in human resource management and recruitment to give some great tips on communication skills that get winning results.


1 thought on “Interview Skills Workshop, Melbourne – September 2013

  1. There are some people who are naturally confident when it comes to going into interviews. Others, not so much. But by knowing what to expect and how to best respond to questions, they can build up confidence and feel like they’re prepared for everything that their interviewer has to throw at them.

    Sabrina @ USAFact

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