Support your peers, contribute to the profession!

ALIA New Graduates Group is looking for an additional Regional Co ordinator for Queensland. Here’s an opportunity to be actively involved in the profession by contributing to what matters most to students and new graduates. You’ll be responsible for liaising with the professional community in organising and facilitating events, provide input to regular reports and the development of event calendars and budgets. This role aims to broaden an awareness of key issues and trends in different sectors and build on skills and knowledge. 
How you tell us your suitability for the role is up to you. In a podcast or Youtube video, in written form, Prezi, whatever you like – unleash your creativity – please let us know: – 
  • what you think the New Graduates group means to the profession and newbies
  • your ideas for events aimed to meet the professional needs of students and new graduates
  • why you’d like to be a Regional Co ordinator
  • a little about yourself and how you meet the position requirements
  • what you bring to the role and the group
  • time you can spare (approximately per week/fortnight/month) in contributing to activities and duties
If you’re interested the applying for the role, please email for a copy of the Position Description.
All submissions will be treated confidentially. Applications close Friday 2nd November 2012.

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