Shape the NLS6 program! Have your say on keynote topics and speakers

The Sixth New Librarians Symposium (NLS6) is taking place in Brisbane before Information Online on the 10th and 11th of February 2013. It might seem far away but the wheels are turning to make this the best ever NLS. This is an event for you: aimed at students and recent (or not so recent) graduates of the information industry (not just Librarians!).
One of the very first tasks for the NLS6 Organising Committee is locking in a range of awesome keynote speakers.
But in keeping with our Be different theme, we want to take a different approach to selecting speakers for keynote presentations and participants for panels.
This time round, we want you guys – the delegates-to-be – to tell us what you want to hear about and who you want to hear from.
We encourage you to think differently:
  • Think beyond the L in LIS. What’s happening in the broader information profession?
  • Think beyond the obvious three. It’s not just about academic, public and special libraries. Who inspires you in school libraries? Research libraries? Non-traditional library roles?
  • Think beyond a lecture. Our ‘keynote’ sessions don’t have to be traditional keynotes. Want to hear different people on the same topic? Suggest a panel, debate, or round of lightening talk keynotes.
You can suggest topics or people – we’re open to both.
Although we can’t promise stacks of big names from overseas, don’t limit your thinking at this point. As well as having people present in person at NLS6, we’re open to bringing some keynote presenters in virtually.
So let’s get a discussion going! Tell us what you think, either in the comments on the website (, or by tweeting with the hashtag #mynls6. Have your say by COB Friday 25 May.              Twitter: @aliaNLS6

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