Queensland’s New Graduates Group welcomes two new Co ordinators – Kelly Johnson and Holger Aman.

Like myself, both Kelly and Holger are members of the Queensland University of Technology student community. Holger has recently graduated from the Masters course.

Kelly and Holger bring enthusiasm and are mad keen to assist new graduates and students as they enter the profession.

As the Queensland NewGrads Team, we’re super excited about presenting a variety of social and professional development events next year.

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, etc about finding your place in the profession, the New Graduates Group is happy to assist where we can. Please feel free to contact co ordinators in your state, connect with us here, on Twitter and Facebook.

Find out more about newcomers Kelly and Holger, as well as the co ordinators in your state, by reading our biographies on ALIA’s New Graduates Committee page.


Alisa Howlett
Co ordinator, New Graduates Group (QLD)



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