Sign a petition to help save Victorian public libraries!

You may have seen in a recent article in The Age, ‘State government plans to slash library funding‘, that the Baillieu government will slash funding to Victorian public libraries this year. This is likely to mean shorter opening hours and cuts to internet services and other projects. The opposition believes that disadvantaged communities will suffer most, where many residents use a library to access services (such as the internet) that they cannot otherwise afford.

The Age quoted recent departmental figures that show Victoria has around 290 permanent libraries and 26 mobile libraries, with 2.5 million Victorians members of their local libraries. Please sign this petition if you want your voice (and theirs) to be heard.


1 thought on “Sign a petition to help save Victorian public libraries!

  1. Hi Rebecca, I can't get through to your petition (not sure if the website is down or my internet is just not doing what it should!)

    Just so you know, petitions to state parliament require signatures to be handwritten. We are getting a petition together on this issue and Colleen Hartland (Greens MLC)is supporting it and has agreed to present it to parliament (all petitions must be presented by an elected member). A printable copy of the petition will be available from Colleen's website in the next few days.

    It would be great if you could spread the word and people could print, circulate and return the petition.

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