Meet Rebecca from SA

Rebecca Whitehead shares the New Graduates Group Coordinator role with Brenna Cook in SA.

When Rebecca completed a BA in Multimedia Studies in 2004, she still harboured a childhood desire to become a Librarian, so she took the plunge and completed a Graduate Diploma in Information Studies. Rebecca is now working as a Trainee Graduate Librarian at the University of Adelaide, spending the last year and a half of this position as a Metadata Librarian.

Before Rebecca entered the wonderful world of libraries she worked for 3.5 years as an Information Officer at Flinders University where she was able to apply a lot of her information seeking skills, as well as honing her experience in web and desktop publishing. Rebecca is addicted to her Saturday morning spin class, loves the buzz she gets from teaching hands on training and thinks in her future life she might be a part-time Librarian/part-time wedding planner.


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