Hobart New Grads Event Report

Picture from last week’s Tasmanian New Graduates Group in Hobart

It was a small but hardy crowd that braved a chilly Hobart night to meet in one of our waterfront bars for a casual drink and a chat. We met some new people and saw some regulars again and generally had a pleasant time. One of the things we’re trying is to get some non-new grads along, because we don’t want to be too exclusive and also it’s good to have a range of experiences and backgrounds at an event like this.
We’re planning on having these regularly, every six weeks or so seems like a good time, and we’ve also got a few other ideas for events that you might hear more about soon.

-Isobel and Felix


1 thought on “Hobart New Grads Event Report

  1. Special mention to Bob B from Hobart City Council Library, who wore his best book motif tie and cardigan (and even tried to track down a bun for the night) and Alison Triffett from Kingston LINC for making it for a quick quaff before heading off for a kntting Adult Ed class.

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