Committee Roll-call! Daniel Giddens- Group Website Co-ordinator and Victorian Committee Member

I’m Daniel. I have been on the NGG Victorian committee since February 2008 and responsible for all things website since March 2009.
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Aside from organising events for and meeting up with the New Grads and students in Victoria, I work in an academic library as a Reference Librarian. and have done so for the past three years, since graduating from my Information Management degree in fact. I love my job and am always finding a new challenge to take up. Before becoming a library and information professional, I volunteered in a public and a special library while studying. These were great experiences, and I would encourage others to volunteer. It’s very rewarding, and strengthened my view that the information profession was the right career path for me.

I’m also currently studying for the Grad. Cert. in Industrial Education, enjoy listening to a mix of music and have a shelf of books crying out to be read (I MUST find the time!).

Keep an eye out for the next New Grad event in Victoria. We’re trying to organise Library Folk in the Pub style events, that Sydney have been doing so well. If you have any suggestions for events, look me up me here


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