Officially launched!

So, it’s Library and Information Week (or LIW) for 2010

As part of LIW, we have launched this blog as a means of communicating news of events, interactions, and issues related to the ALIA New Grads Group. You’ll read correspondence from our regional counterparts, reflections on hotly-debated and emerging topics, and all the latest gossip on upcoming excitement in the library world.

For example:

Last night, an envoy of young new graduate librarians were seen lurking in the wings at the 3rd Annual Library and Information Careers Night. Another NGAC committee member was unfortunately absent in person, but present in two-metre-high splendour on an RMIT banner, and on the front of their course information leaflets. After an series of informative talks from Margie Anderson, Mary Manning, and Marion Slawson, these new grads were spotted seeking out the most “librariany” of the audience members, and encouraging them to join our professional ranks. They also raided the university tables for mints and caramels, followed by a swift getaway for beer, dumplings, and pink walls.

So, may I welcome you all to the New New Grad News Blog, and I look forward to many posts, and many more comments in the future!


5 thoughts on “Officially launched!

  1. As the aforementioned two-metre-high-godzilla-librarian I can at least provide a good excuse: I was off being an extra on the set of The Librarians 3! And can now legitimately say, I'm not just a librarian, I also play one on TV.

  2. i need to learn to spell! one more time with flair:

    Okay okay okay… so it seems that if i want to continue being a part of this crowd of librarian awesomeness i will need to pay my ALIA (discounted) joining fees, cos, dudes, I totally want to help make some BADGES!

    oh. and, pink dumpling house catch ups are always a plus πŸ™‚

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