CSU Visit in Brisbane

Brisbane is going to be lucky enough to host some Charles Sturt University students this May. The Library and Information students will be checking out our fair city and meeting lots of GLAMR professionals to inspire them and teach them about the industry.

ALIA Students and New Graduates Group is putting on a meet and greet with the CSU students and you too can join in! Mingle with other students, meet some new faces from CSU and Brisbane alike and share your own library stories. With drinks and food available and new friends to make, what more could you want?! Full details are below.

Where – Charming Squire, 3/133 Grey Street, South Brisbane

When – Thursday 1 June at 6:00pm

Who – Everyone’s invited

What – Drinks and food is available to purchase as you go.

How – RSVP to newgradsqld.alia@gmail.com by 30th May.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Meet at the Movies

Movie event

We invite all interested library/records/archive/info-included folk to join ACT Student and Newgrad Group for lunch and a movie!

We’ll be starting the afternoon in (cultural) style with lunch at Dumpling House in the CBD, then heading to Dendy Cinema. Come along for the whole afternoon, or whichever part tickles your fancy. Bring your friends or come solo (we’re all super friendly!).

For all of the details, and to RSVP, click here.

We hope to see many of the wonderful friendly faces that we’ve seen at our events so far this year.

Cindy Nguyen & Chris Sonneveld
ALIA Students and New Graduates Group (ACT) Coordinators

Find ALIA Students and New Graduates Group on Facebook and Twitter.

Brisbane – 2017 ALIA QLD Library and Information Week Trivia Night!

When: Monday 22 May 2017

Time: Doors open 5:30 for dinner and drinks – Trivia starts 6:30

Where: The Cricketers Club, 411 Vulture Street, East Brisbane.

Theme: In honour of ALIA’s 80th birthday and this year’s Library and Information Week 2017 theme, ‘Celebrate’, we are celebrating 1930s style!

Register here: https://www.regonline.com.au/aliaqldtrivia17

Last year’s Trivia Master returns for more fun competitions and games!

There will be loads of raffles and prizes, including an iPad mini! and a prize for the best themed table.

How it works:

Get your team together, come up with a team name, then enter your team name at the registration desk on the night. If you don’t have a team yet – don’t worry, we’ll find you a team to join on the night. It’s a great way to meet new library and information people! Eight is the recommended number per team.

Entry fees:

  • $10 per person for ALIA individual members, sponsors and affiliate associations [ALLA, PLAQ, SLAQ] – note you will need to enter your individual membership number when you register.
  • $20 per person if you are not in the above category


The QLD ALIA Students and New Graduates will be organising a team for the event. If you would like to join our team please send us an email with your name and we will organise a table for you: newgradsqld.alia@gmail.com

We hope to see you all there!

Annette & Maddy

Review of NGAC Twitter

About the review

During 2014 to 2016, we undertook a review of our Twitter account @aliangac.

We did this review to:

  • better understand our usage of Twitter
  • determine if our tweets engage with library and information services (LIS) new professional and student members and reflect their concerns and interests
  • identify opportunities where the committee could improve our online engagement in terms of both content and work processes.

We collected information about our tweets and followers by using social media analysis tools and conducting an online survey. Many thanks to everyone who assisted us by completing the survey!

Then we produced a report on the review and our findings which were presented to the ALIA Board in early 2017.

Read the full report:









Through the review it was discovered that our Twitter audience is not looking for fun kitschy posts, instead they prefer original and personal content that engages and also aligns with the voice of ALIA.

The review also revealed that our followers are seeking in-depth professional discussion and information that explores Australian library and GLAMR news, current events and employment issues.

Next steps

Using the information and insights gained from the review, NGAC has prepared a number of recommended actions including the following (see the report for the full list of recommended actions):

  • foster an appealing and accessible LIS online professional discourse by continuing to lead and promote #auslibchat
  • improve content scope and follower engagement by starting discussions, improving the quality of Twitter replies, addressing follower concerns and tweeting on a more personal level.

We hope the insights we gained by conducting the review will help us to better engage with our Twitter audience as well as forge a valuable online presence for LIS new professionals and students.

We are committed to continuous improvement in our online engagement and always welcome feedback from our followers. Please direct message your suggestions to @aliangac.

NLS8 Bursary Winner!

Congratulations to Liz Finlay on winning our NLS8 Bursary earlier this month. Below is her full entry.


NGAC loved the hat and all it represented.

It is a creative and succinct visual representation of Ms Finlay’s ideas about the future of libraries and the semantic web.  There is a lot of nice detail, and obviously a lot of work went into it. It is ingeniously short but with a whole lot of depth. The explantation below was also well presented.

And we’re glad to announce that Liz can bring it to NLS8 and will let us put it in the ALIA 100th Birthday time capsule!

Thank you to everyone that entered. ALIA was so impressed with the overall quality that we have been allowed to include in the time capsule, along with Liz’s hat, a paper copy of every entry we received.

Well done!

The Library & Information World in 2037: NLS8 Bursary Competition

I have expressed my thoughts about where the Library & Information world will be in 2037 through the creation of a hand knit hat. Knitted hats are hard to send by email so this document describes the hat.

The hat has the Dewey Decimal Classification number 025.0427 knitted into the pattern: the classification number for the Semantic Web.



Just as knitting creates a web of threads extending throughout the fabric, I believe that in 2037 the Library & Information world will be part of the machine readable Semantic Web created through linked data.

Every drop of structured data added to library catalogues and information agency repositories will create an impact rippling out through the web of data like a pebble dropped in a pond.  This effect is reflected in the crown of the hat.

The linked data underpinning the Semantic Web is represented by the circle of chain links edging the button on the side of the hat.  The button is also made of metal, referencing the circuitry of processors and servers that provide the physical infrastructure for the Semantic Web.


And, most importantly of all.  Working with this web of data will be human beings – without which a hat is particularly useless.

I am Liz Finlay, Master of Information Studies student at Charles Sturt University, and owner of a rather fabulous hat.  If my hat is a successful entry depicting the Library and Information world in 2037, I will cheerfully donate it to the ALIA time capsule (I have enough yarn left to knit another one!!).



Well done again Liz! See you at NLS8!

James McGoran

NGAC, Acting Chair